Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Halo Career

Hey guys this is my first ever blog, and so bare with me. I am going to go over basically my halo career. I've had many ups and downs, and downs over weighing the ups.

I'm not sure of the date, but I think it was sometime in the first year of Halo 1. Which is what this section is about. I just moved into my new house. I was about 8 or 9. I had two guys that lived near me. Right in front of me, and to the right of me. I quickly became friends with them. I have never played or heard of Halo at the time. The kid in front of me invited me to come over and hangout, I was new around there so I went and hung out. He had a ton of games. He was really rich, and I was really poor. He told me we should play Halo 1. We played a 1v1 on Blood Gulch. Needless to say, he destroyed me.
My father who was with another women, and raising 3 other kids, bought my step brothers a xbox. I was so happy, because I told them about Halo 1, and we bought it. We played 1v1s and FFAs all the time. On a small 12 inch TV. One of my step-brothers had a friend who played a lot, he played with him, and came home one night and challenged me and my other step brother to a 2v1. We accepted and got dumped on. At this point in time I was so tired of losing. I quit playing altogether. I came back to dad's house, and my step-brother, Jake, picked up the pistol and started to use it. We quickly found out about 3 shot. We continued to play almost every day. We got more people into it, we started running 2v2s for 7+ hours a day, on the same old 12 inch TV.

Halo 2 came out, and we loved it. Some of our friends got xbox live, and my step-brother, Jake, went over to his house and picked the game up quick. He instantly became better. My neighbor the lived to the right of me, told me one day he got H2 and xbox live. I would sneak over to his house during the Summer, about 8 in the morning and play until 3 pm. At the time I was using smg pistol combo, smg plasma rifle combo, and noob combo. Averaging about 6 kills a game. I was awful. Then my friend met a guy who was a 20. We thought he was God. I got my own xbox and live, and I played 1v1s with him all the time. I got good and soon made it to 30 in hardcore. I started playing against pros and didn't know anything about MLG. Then one day, I came across it in a lobby of some random people. I quickly picked up on it. I started playing with Hysteria, Braddddddddddddd, Eli zE Ninja, Gun Shot, and a lot of other pros. I found a team, and was about to go to an event. We had a full sponsor. About 2 weeks before the event. I get caught doing some things I am not going to mention. I lost my xbox for 1 year.

September 25th 2007 came around. I knew about MLG, and I finally got my xbox back. I wasn't as good as I was in H2, and I lost all my contacts with pros. I searched for three years for a team. This isn't a joke. I had a few local teams, and we done a lot of local lans with some of the surrounding teams. We broke up and had many team changes. So I never could really find a team after that. I played with some top teams, and beat a lot of them. About 1 year before Reach was announced I sold my xbox.. 6 months later I got one back. I continued to play.

Now with Reach out, and being able to have a fresh start, I have been searching for a good team. I've had one team so far. We went down hill. Me and Ominous have been a to2 for about 3 years basically. We played all the time. We picked up HumBuhlitz, and then later on xXThee TyrantXx. We played GB a lot, and those two failed us big time. So Ominous quit, and I booted HumBuhlitz for being horrible. Tyrant and I stuck together and were running games with kids to find the other two to complete our team. We played 2 FFAs and 3 4v4s. After the last 4v4, he quit out and unadded me. Not talked to him since. I recently played with Humbuhlitz again. He is still going mad negative. -_-

As you can tell my downs out weigh my ups. I think I have the potential and dedication to be on a top tier team. If any pro team gave me a shot. They wouldn't be dissappointed. I know I have what it takes. I'm probably one of the most dedicated and determined players in the league. I have what it takes, just need that one shot. Hopefully someday I will get that shot. Until then, I will continue to study maps and such, and I will continue to progress.

Thanks for reading. Like I said this is my first of many. I hope you all enjoyed.

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